Optimistic Markets With U.S. Economy

The market looks optimistic with the U.S. economy bounced back on Friday after U.S. jobs data the results are better than analysts expected, while the euro was struggling after more evidence that the economy in the euro zone fell. 

 Expectations that the Federal Reserve will probably start reducing asset purchases under its quantitative easing program resurfaced after the release of the jobs numbers on Friday, according to MarketWatch reported, Monday (05/06/2013) 

The yen is also expected to weaken in the coming weeks after the Bank of Japan pledged to inject around $ 1.4 Trillium funds into the economy.Reporting from Industry Week and Sindonews, the U.S. Commerce Department said gross domestic product growth forecast (GDP) in the first quarter was a strong rebound from the poor rate 0.4 percent in the previous quarter. However, that figure came in below the average forecast of analysts of 2.8 percent.

Consumer spending rose 3.2 percent, a pick-up from the fourth quarter. While business investment continues to grow, albeit at a slower pace, rising 2.1 percent. 

However, federal spending hit by budget cuts that went into effect in the first quarter, dragging the world's largest economy fell 8.4 percent.
While the focus of attention this week market participants will be taken to report the results of the manufacturing sector and the American consumer. Consumer credit data is this Tuesday (07/05) will show the extent to which the purchasing power of citizens to recover in April. 

Other data that is no less important is the manufacturing sector report, with the ultimate agenda of wholesale inventories, which was released on Thursday (09/05). Similar to the consumption indicator, the manufacturing sector report could also reflect the extent to which the progress of American economic activity in the month of April.

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