Dollar Strengthens, Effects Of, The Fed Strategy

Wall Street Journal report indicates that the Federal Reserve has mapped out a strategy to reduce the bond purchase program. And it certainly has helped the U.S. currency to strengthen. 

Developments in recent U.S. jobs data, have shown hope for an end to the weakening of the U.S. economy due to employment data. 

While the United States trade exchange returning slick performance recorded last week. The third main index gain success plucking for three consecutive weeks due to large buying interest from market participants. Rally likely to get longer because of some important data releases ready to go out in the next five days. 

A struggling U.S. housing market amid a climate of low interest rates set by central banks. 
Sectoral bond purchases worth $ 85 billion per month proven to improve the performance of the property market as house prices continue to rise and residential sales increase. 
But apparently, not necessarily report the housing sector is definitely a good week for investors, especially after the April employment report showed a decline in labor absorption in the housing market. Index of the National Association of Home Builders, housing starts figures and building permits will answer all the expectations of the market this week.

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